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Overview | Prefixo de Verão

Who is Prefixo de Verão?

Prefixo de VeraoThrough their ten-year career, with hundreds of shows in Brazil and abroad, the group Prefixo de Verão has developed a unique persona. Each band-member's individual skills are integrated into a performance where the whole is magically greater than the sum of its parts. The founders of the group, including Ricardo Barros, (percussion and vocals); Rodrigo Ribeiro, (drummer and mixing) Rodrigo Sperandio (cavaquinho and vocals), have broad experience with Brazil's Escolas de Samba (samba clubs), parading for many years in the street Carnaval.

In 1998, Anderson Rossetti joined the group. By then, the Brazilian version of country music was taking the country by storm, and Anderson, who had been playing with one of the most popular country music duos in Brazil, Christian & Ralf, was a great addition to the band.

In 2001, Vilson Ferreira, became a part of the band. He is the youngest member in the band and the most versatile musician. Besides playing keyboard and piano, he has mastered the flute, accordion, zabumba, banjo, and many other instruments. He started his music studies at the age of 8. He recorded with several bands of MPB, and has sat in with several other bands.

Returning to Brazil after the USA tour in 2002, two of members of the band decided to take a break, and that was when Bruno Padoveze, a bass-player, came on board. Bruno brings with him experience playing with Reggae bands as well as pop-rock bands, and recording with "Fulanos de Tal".

Joining Bruno was Hudson Jesus, one of the most in-demand percussionists for studio recordings. Besides playing percussion, Hudson is a great singer of Samba-Enredos.

The newest member of Prefixo de Ver�o is the female vocalist, Viviane Nascimento. Viviane is native of Porto Seguro and it was there where her career took off. Singing with bands in the open-air concerts throughout the summer, when parties can last until dawn, Viviane became a household name in Porto Seguro. Her performance is vibrant, energetic and spicy. If you like axe music, you have to see her.

Prefixo de Verao's repertoire is impressive, music for almost anyone and any type of event. They're schooled in the latest twist on Brazilian samba called Pagode.

They can step up the tempo with the pulse and vigor of Samba Enredo, the music of Rio's Carnavals. They mix Afro-Brazilian with Jamaican reggae. They combine Salsa, borrowed from neighbors to the north, with the Bahia rhythm of Ax�.

Prefixo de Ver�o's music is high-energy and melodious at the same time - perfect for dancing. Try being quiet or not wanting to move your feet to a Prefixo de Ver�o performance.

Prefixo de Ver�o is returning to the USA in 2006. They will be the primary entertainers at the 37th Friends of Brazil Carnaval Ball at San Francisco's Gift Center on February 2006.

There's no question, Prefixo de Ver�o is one of Brazil's most popular young bands. They attract huge crowds throughout Brazil and they are all set for the same dynamic blend of personal touch and ensemble musical excitement on their "Tour USA 2006."

To book the band, please call (415) 334-0106, or email Roberto Lima at